Can Life be Perfect?

Happy Monday!!!
Hi! it's been a million years :)

This is going to be a very late greeting: happy holidays to all! happy wedding to my dear friend JOZZEL (so happy for you!mwah)...and iloveyou forever BENJO and RUJIM PAUL, this season is the happiest because of you both...okey. that's it.better late than forgotten :)

now what's up with me?

after more than a couple of weeks vacation in Bacolod, im back to the real world with a few extra pounds... busying myself with my domestic duties little businesses (choco countain, Thougtful Crafts @ Scrapbooking stuff, handpainted textiles, homecare products)... my baby boy's upcoming first birthday (im sooo excited! im still not sure wether it's sesame street or blue's clues ... or just spaghetti and hotdogs .. para maka save hehe ...) God is so loving for alowing me to reach this point of my life ...just have a few dreams yet to realize (with God's grace and mercy) and very special prayer request for my brother ... aside from that.. nothing more to ask .. God is enough.

Is my life perfect? Nah ... but i may say, at this moment, it's close :-)



uji's first haircut @ maanyag ...


charlou and chic2:choco fountain addicts :) Odicks_6794

hotties momsies :) chy, me, chic2


joshuagen's post-christmas-party :)

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