answered prayers... yehey!

Answered Prayers! ... yehey!

Our God is a LIVING GOD! I can feel His loving embrace. I can shout His fame to all the earth! All the days of my life i will lift His name on high!

My heart rejoices for so many reasons but these good news im going to share are the major ones :)

These may just be petty to some, i don't care. But my heart just leaps for joy while highlighting these things on my prayer list (exactly found at the back of my journal of "good things") ... these are:

(/) my brother's ultimate freedom .. those close to me know what i mean. God is really so so loving, merciful and forgiving!

(/)a community where we can pray and worship together as a couple. have prayed for this for a long time ... now we are on or 3rd Saturday!

(/)a business that i can afford to do while not being away from my son :) im just so grateful to wake up each day with excitement and anticipation doing the stuff i love best :) i honor my husband for the support ... for being my handsome driver, pick-up and delivery boy :)

(/)a dsl connection at home!!!!! hurray! now i need not go to the nearest cafe to blog! yehey! im just so happy ... (i really prayed for this too!) thanks to my friend mabel for turning over her phoneline to us :) such an angel :)

(/)true friends. true friends. TRUE FRIENDS. i thank the Lord for my new found friends in my neighborhood .. and the wives-of-my-hubby's-barkada friends ... times with these girls are really treasured :)

(/)an "organization" among my siblings that will take care of our parents' future needs. peace of mind.

(/)a YES to my sisites prayers: "click and drag" for dit... more gigs for che ... and rene's being a POI for anne. celebrate!

(/)my cousin's changing her mind and staying with us (for good, i continue to pray) to help me take care of Rujim and the house ... haaay.

These are the topmost of my answered prayers and i can't wait to put another batch of ticks to what remains on my list ... i hope a good yaya for my nephew abe, my mother's getting well, and a slimmer me will be the first three ... serious!

My prayer: I love You Lord. Thank You for making me feel so loved. Thank you for giving me the grace to wait for your ANSWERS. Please,i pray that you remind us all the time, that you never leave one prayer unanswered. That there is a perfect time for everything,that Your love is constantly bigger than any problem we encounter, and that you are just a prayer away, n matter how bad we become at times... all praises and glory to You Lord, Amen.


anne said...

daw ma ibi man ko ba.haaay.. God is so good.

congrats sa all new blog site. hehehe. shortly lang, with your dsl connection at home, ma maruri ka na na. you might as well earn out of it. hehehe

genevieve said...

thank you my sistah! sigeha lang ko coach ah :) perahan ta ni hihihi :) God is good indeed. in good days and otherwise ... mwah!

pinayfl76 said...

yey! new blogsite? welcome bebang to new level of blogging hehehe!


genevieve said...

hey ping! yep. next level na ni of blog addiction :) see yah around hehehe

anne said...

inday check out your links again. ang amon bala nga mga links. double ang http heheheh. indi ma access.