Spa and Cheese Fondue Party!

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Beautiful Moms Rule!

Not only do our husbands deserve a Friday-Night-Out dates (thats how my Benjo and his buddies call it) --- we also deserve a Wednesday-Girls-Day-In :) which i just had earlier today with some of my work-at-home-mom-friends, a Spa and Cheese Fondue Party --- here, in my place :)

MOMS RULE! haha ... we had hand spa, facial (ate ludy), and reflexology (see that tiny foot in the pictures above, being massaged? that's my son's ...he also had pampering :) sus!) ... not only that, we have bought some stuff for kids' baon for the coming schoolyear at 'SALE' prize from TUPPERWARE...and BEAUTI-CONTROL. Am i happy? yes! Coz as a host, i get to have a hostess gift!yehey!!! ...

...for those who want a gift, and a day of pampering at the comfort of your own homes, just call me anytime :) i'll be much willing to help you plan your party. Got to go now! time to prepare dinner! mhoah!


My name is Anne said...

ay,na overlook ko ni ya haw.hehehe..super nice sang mga pics.hisa me bebe.san-o pa ko na ya ayhan maka amo sina.hehehe..pwede man ako d ma organize.hehehe..cge be,we'll see..para may tupperware man ko.harharhar

bebang rulona ... said...

thank yu! pwedeng pwede gid an, bisan pc products gani pwede mo ma amo na na set up :) damo kaman da mga fwends. super hapos lang gid...

Anonymous said...

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