the day i met Benjo

this is the day that God has made .

Ilc31_1 international leaders conference 2001. the day i first met my Benjo.

Hi there b-e-n-j-o :) thank you for choosing me. for making me your partner in building a triangle with God. thank you for being patient with me especially during my accute-pms days. for rubbing my back after a bad dream. for watching 13-going-on-30-kind of movies with me. for listening to my for-you-only-tsismis. for telling me i'm sexy despite knowing liars go to hell. thank you for giving me Uji. and for helping me in his poo times...i love you everyday. and to show it, you can go play badminton twice this week hehehe ...

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Iamquietheart said...

ma comment nalang ko di gani kay para indi ni ma-zero comment ang "the day i met Benjo".

ay tuod ka? ka sweet no. It is obvious gid that you really love each other. hehe.