I Did Something...

I 37073648462207ldid something lately. Something from which i learned, we can be kids again, anytime, all the time. Something i've been wanting to do but my shyness (char) keeps getting in the way hehehe ... Something that made me feel young again (it's great being with kids, teens, and yeah adults-who-think-young like me) ... I did something super worthwhile ...i JOINED A SCRAPBOOKING COMPETITION!!! (with a dear friend Chy, her sis sheila, and len2) yes... at last! and i am so blessed to make it to top 3!!! (adult category). my page and chy's got a special prize!!! :)clap clap clap! We went home with lots and lots of scrapbooking tools and goodies and some gift checks :) not bad. that's my first attempt :) i can't wait for next year! ... because God willing, i will get the grand prize (fingers crossed?) ... ciao!



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