joy at work

hi! If there was one day in my life that i smiled a lot, it was yesterday. Zeth Venrick's 1st birthday. It was a very hot summer Thursday and i was sweating all over the whole time. But i was enjoying every minute of it.

Zeth Venrick and Mom, Gina

details, details! give aways, name tags, choco thank-you-pops,hats,pabitin,ballons.

the planner and the sidekick: exhausted and glad

I went home fulfilled and happy ... because i earned a living, and played at the same time!

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anne said...

teary eyed man ko so proud of you my sistah! i don't think i will be able to accomplish amo na nga ulubrahon. basta maka sidekick lang ko oki na ko na.hahahaha ti ikaw pa gd nag host ay?hehehe

Anonymous said...

W.O.W.! As in the acronym for Woman Oh Woman... That's all I can say. :) Rich Mom... Cool-est Mom in the making! :) So proud of you! :)

lily said...

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Agloco Center said...

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MomInMiami said...

Bang, great job! Business is successful and good thing about it is you're enjoying! Here's to more rackets!

bebang rulona ... said...

yep sistah.. ako nag host eh kay wala clown hehe.

maps, thanks! yep, its good to find meaning in what we do no matter how simple it is :)

kilala ko ni si anonymous ehehe crush ko na sya (ininta naman eh)