New Week.

New Week!

I'm always excited every Monday. A new week of blessings, moments with my son n Benjo, transactions, and triumphant battles ...with life's struggles and... with my belly? hehe. yes i consider it a battle. i badly want to lose this extra weight. and i think im on the right track (applause!) i now fit to my pre-pregnancy jeans ... yehey! but it's kinda uncomfy pa a bit ... maybe a week more of oatmeal mornings :) 130 lbs --- here i come!!


Spent Saturday morning in Carbon(as in 5:45 am) with Benjo and my 2 close friends Sweet and Maricor --my dearest neighbors, i thank God i found them. True friends at all times. Carbon is my shopping haven. Introduced by Mabel (thanks Yoy!) It's the best supermarket in the whole world .. just forget obout the stinks, sweat, and fear (of losing your wallet). I love it because i get to have a lot with my few pesosesoses!

Like this ukay2 LEVI'S pants for my 1 yr old...

ukay2 find: orig levi's @ P35

how about...

Carrots @ 28/kilo
cucumber @ 5/kilo
onions @ 18/kilo
lacatan banana @ 20/kilo
lettuce @ 30/kilo

The experience makes me forget about robinsons and savemore .
After dropping by at La Fortuna beside Magellan's Cross, where we bought some more cheap thrills (pork hopia @ 18 and wheat bread @ 35 -- this costs 45 to 60 in the mall's bakeshop) we went home with so big "ngisi" hehehe. As they say, joy need not be expensive. Can't wait for next time!

Bye now, it's bath time with my little levi's model. Have a great week to all ... mwah!


anne said...

once again, im so hisa to you. dugay ko na gd gusto mag ukay-ukay. pero ang time ko weekend lang.kag sun day off pa sang yaya.ay kapoy gd pirmi. pero siguro sa akon na lang VLP. ma sked ko one day of ukay-ukay.pero dapat may upod ko nga ukay queen, para i coach ya ko.hehehe

maping said...

Bang, I used to go to Carbon market a lot - the fresh & cheap veggies & fruits..I love it there! hehehe. I worked in Cebu for a year (I think) right after college graduation. I miss Cebu and everything it has to offer - the churches, beaches, food trips - Larsian ara pa gihapon?

felinelostindwilderness said...

hehehe..its been awhile since I've been into those kind of places. I get a bargain whenever I go Big Outlets but still at the end of the day looking at the purchases that I got, I felt like putting it all back in the bag and send it to where i bought it! ahahahaah!!!!

Now, i don't care if its a sale or not, I am more aware of:

1) Is it necessary?
2) Do I really have to buy it?!
3) How much money do i have to spend and gotta think of the bills.
and more impt. things.

bebang rulona ... said...

sige ankadto di sa cebu kay ma ukay2 ta whole day heheh btw, i bought abe i pair man indi galing levi's pero mas new sya ya hehe may tag pa gani :)

hi Maps, larcian is so much alive pa gihapon. i went there once, gin lupot ko hehehe i finished a lot of blue marlin panga (sinugba) then ,may mga bata ga gitara :)

meow, wow, good shopper ka gali, ti bagay ka gid sa carbon heheh :)damo to santol, tar apple, etc etc.

thank you blogmates for dropping by!mwah!

felinelostindwilderness said...

yummm I miss larcian!!! permi ko dra gakadto sang una, when Manang Shiela's there, i miss Cebu too, I always have a grand time there!

bebang rulona ... said...

meowwwerrzzzxzxz hehe hapit ka di when you come home... soon. mwah!

felinelostindwilderness said...

guid guid..mahapit ko! basta pagkaon ara gid ko dayon!

bebang rulona ... said...

hehehe =) tandaan kona ha...