thank you God for a BAD day!

i rejoice for GOOD THINGS... but today, let me thank the Lord for this BAD day. i was misunderstood by a friend (my advice: never explain through text, things always get mixed up). tried reaching out for anybody to talk to but couldn't find one :( best friends landlines are busy... sisters' got concerns - i didn't want to bother them some more with this petty bad day blues. mother - the one i can always call for things llike this - seems to have forgotten she has a cellphone to answer....

why thank this day? because today i was reminded: my husband is a FRIEND i can count on too. why did i think of him last? he was friend enough to listen to me despite urgent deadlines he need to meet today. he was friend enough to make me feel -- it was not my fault, despite the truth that i was partly to blame..

i thank this day...for i know, there's one Friend up there who will always be available for me. who loves me and will never misinterpret my texts (in fact, no texting is needed). He will always be with me.

i thank this day, for i remember -- GOD is enough. He should be the one i will always please. He's the one i will love the most .. everyday.


felinelostindwilderness said...

these bad days also acknowledges the fact that sometimes we just need to focus to God and what He has something in store for us. We will have to listen deep in our hearts through silence. keep it up Bang!

anne said...

pareho ta.super bad day ko man subong. :( mayo lang la ta ka gn col ko tani mautwas lang.parti di sa mga tribo bolo-bolo. mami-mami imo post. as in. daw ako man mag write.hahahaha! juk juk juk!

MomInMiami said...

Bebang, great post! Daw ako ikaw man, sometimes I forgot that hubs is my bestfriend too ;)

~ maping