What P3k bucks can buy ...

What can we buy with three thousand pesos these days?
  • 12 weeks supply of Rujim's EnfaGrow (i still nurse him once in a while)
  • 2 sacks of rice
  • 6 bottles of victoria's secret cologne in RP; maybe 12 bottles in US
  • 1 pc lechon
  • 2 months worth of elecricity
  • 7 months worth of water
  • 6 months worth of subd fee
  • 20 movie tickets
  • 5 weeks worth of gas
  • 6 weeks of "carbon" shopping!
That depends on your lifestyle. Ours is simple so we can buy a lot with such amount. But why did i ask? because today, i received an unexpected blessing:

tadaa! ... a check amounting to P3,269.34!

There are some of us who may think this is just a small amount, yeah, but i still say: this gave mo so much joy! Got this as my REBATES for using quality home care products at a local company where i get 25% discount! --- and for telling a few friends about the good news --- so good that some of them even started doing the same thing!) ... Isn't it great? Would your favorite supermarket give you a discount that big all year round? and would your grocery store give you a check this much for a rebate?

And I'm not even working that hard yet. Got this in the midst of laxity. You see, I've been so busy with this world wide web duties =) hehe But what if i work double, triple time? I mean what if I share this to some more of my friends? (You perhaps?) Hmmnnn.

This is too far to be called a paycheck. This is just a rebate --- just a rebate i might really get serious with. Wanna bet? =)


felinelostindwilderness said...

not bad at all Bebs..at least your pesosesoses would come a long way. Here, every cent is eaten away like nothing! God does works in mysterious ways esp. on your days that you really don't expect! ehehe have fun!!!!

bebang rulona ... said...

helo kuring! yep. it's not the amount but the thought that counts ehehe aw a... salamat gid ha kay gina lingling mo gid di pirmi akon mga post... sige kay masyar man ko da sa imo dugay2 =)

My name is Anne said...

as in nag angat ang buli ko sa bangko ko when i saw the check. pwerte no? that's what leveraging can do. congratulations! 3000.00?hmmm...3weeks ko na na nga grocery.hehehe.pero lipay ko now kay there's a sideline work coming up, layout and edit. 3000.00 ang pay monthly.hehehe..pero kn mag leverage pa gd ko later, ga layout ko from home, while ga maintain network of PC agents. WOW!

A Mother of Two said...

wow! that's wonderful Bang! Keep it up. Hope for more blessings to come.

I agree with Meow nga diri daw kadasig lng maubos sang moolah LOL!

bebang rulona ... said...

helo helo helo helo how do you do? im glad to be with you ... andyu andyu andyu hehehe =) gina abot naman ko ah...

ano to gani isiling ko? aw.... ari, actually, i think guro bisan diin lang ta na part of the world dali lang gid man ma ubos ang wawart, depende sa aton lifestyle ... haaay, amo na gani super try my best nagid kami mag live simple life... so i need not go to work nemor. kay family matters most than bigger dreams. for me lang na ya ha =) .. God is our help, all the time. Amen!

bebang rulona ... said...

yes my sistear!!! happy gid ko if maka wor-at-home ka na =) pray ta na.