anniversary reflection

Helo! Im very busy today. Need to go in 10 mins for a meeting at MEPZ but i just cant help but share about the day that was :)

We just turned 4 as husband and wife! and we both think the same: time flies fast! it seemed like yesterday when i walked down the aisle hehehe

But now, four years and a lot of pounds after (ehehe) we have rujim na. so many blessings. Simple dreams. A handful of trials surpassed. I cant wait for our next anniversary!

Well .. it started sweet and simple. We gave each other inexpensive but loving gifts. We planned to have a casual wifi date at IT park but we ended having tea, facials and foot massage! an even better plan for we both realized surfing on a date is absurd... to0 anti-social. anti-emote2. anti-quality time for each other. hehe

We both liked the thought that Uji was with his 3 titas (Mae, Yang and Bing) while we were out. we both laughed overhearing the spa attendant getting pissed by a caller: "Nangutana if ang 500 daw na massage naa nay 'extra service' (LOL)"

In the midst of our date, i received a bad news: our ninong Art (principal sponsor in our wedding exactlly 4 yrs back) passed away. The news shocked me. Picture of him and ninang marlyn flashed my mind. They were so sweet towards each other. Nice couple. Good family. Beautiful kids. I suddenly realized: Could i accept it if it happened to me? I was so shocked and pained for ninang marlene.

As we walked back to the car, i whispered a prayer. that God give us strength to face such unexpected painful events . Grace to always live each day as if it's our last. Faith to say YES to things we wish would never happen --- obedience to His will.

Typing these words frighten me somehow. But i just surrender to Him. He is the reason why I have life. He knows what's best for His children. I was born to know Him, love HIm, serve Him... so I can eventually be with Him with my loved ones... He is ENOUGH.



Anonymous said...

Amen to that... It is so funny that the coffeeshops that are selling the most expensive coffee and tea in the world are charging us wifi connection at a whooping P100 to P140 per hour! Whoa! One could think, it is significantly economical and convenient to just go to a nearby internet cafe and surf. At least, one will be spared from carrying a heavy laptop. hehehe. But anyway, the best decision that we had as a couple during our special day was the one when we decided to go to the massage and spa parlor to pamper ourselves instead. :) At least the facial scrub and foot massage cost practically the same as getting our laptop hooked to this "wifi-zone" coffee shops. Hehehe. By the way, next time, let us have full body massage and full body scrub. :) Happy anniversary, Baby... - Benjo

momoftwo said...

Uy, happy 4th anniversary! love is in the air after all these years, right? hehehe...Our 6th yr anni is 4months away :)

bebang rulona ... said...

baw lapit nalang kamo ma six yrs Maps =) Love is indeed in the air. thanks be to God!!!

felinelostindwilderness said...

hAPPY 4th lab anniversary Bebang and Benjo! MOre happiness and blessings to come!

Ako, ma third na kami ni careyputs as bf/gf ahahaha we're playing it by ear all the time..we'll see said the blind man!


My name is Anne said...

basta mga topic about death and things like that, daw gusto ko na lang dayon magpakuribong sa kwarto kag i dissect na sya sa akon mind nga i dissect. pero balo man ko, miskin amo ko ni ka talawan, may Grace si God nga daw busay nga pwede ko kapaligo.

felinelostindwilderness said...