Garage Sale!

I'm not really in a 'blogging' mood. Got so much in my head. Literally. Sakit akon ulo. Wala pa epekto ang biogesic. But still, I'm here updating hehe for I don't like to add more to my blog backlogs. That's how serious I am nowadays --- with blogging. At the back of my mind, I know, these words coming out now, will be read by my children, grandchildren, great great great grandchildren...I can almost hear them saying: "Wow, we got one cool Lola!". HAHAHA! I wish could hear and see them from heaven while they do that.

Let the pictures na lang tell what happened last Sunday, May 6..

It was a humble activity that gave us a little more than P2000 and some painful 'bagtak' and 'bat-ang' (thanks to chic for the term) but it was worth all those... I'm sure with our P5, P10, P20 worth of stuff, many shoppers went home happy =) that included me for i got this beautiful 'duyan' from chic for only P150! ---->

Thanks to all who dropped by! To Sweet for helping babysit Rujim for a while. To Eileen for being the early bird. To my partners in crime Chic, Chy & Leany --- sa uulitin!


My name is Anne said...

sadya mag rummage no?ang you think wala na pulos maka palipay pa sa iban. dapat pangtipunon ko na to mga old things/clothes namon. i wonder kaya ko di mag organize rummage.hmmm..think think think...

bebang rulona ... said...

nami na ya mag rummage sale ya .. da best ang feeling.. remember kato sang sa FEC ta? ato nag rummage ta in front of the church.. we got 2000+ hehe daku nato sang una .. ga start pa gid kami now recycle.. plastics, bottles, tin cans (milk ni uji bala) ... im thinking mag advocate sa zero waste management ... haay kadamo buluhaton ah... :)