National Scrapbook Day

Happy National Scrapbook Day! well not exactly in our country...I'm not so sure since i know of only very few scrapbookers yet (makes me a little frustrated sometimes, I hope someday soon, that CLUB will be formed! In His time) But at least, that's what we celebrate now in my favorite scrapbooking site where i feel like I BELONG =) I will spend much of today by doing JUST that -- SCRAPBOOKING. No malling, no visitors, no nothing. I asked my hubby to do groceries last night on his way home so we can stay home the whole weekend. Kilala mo si preparado? hihi ..

And may i share with you where I work?

my scrapbooking area =)

HEHEHE. super lapta to da max ... that was taken after i made that album cover for Che2! Ti sige, celebrate na ta! it's scrapping time!!!! yeheeeyyy!!!


A Mother of Two said...

Happy Scrapbooking Day!!! Super enjoy ka gid I'm sure and I could tell sa mga lapta hehehe. I was looking at newspaper ads today and saw several scrapbooking materials on sale, dumduman ta ka dayon.

I wanted to start this hobby esp for my little ones pero wala pa tiempo. Siguro next year hehe. I know I can always ask for tips from you :)

bebang rulona ... said...

yes maps! anytime! nami da ya gani sa inyo da kay super damo pilian nga mga materials... there are specialty stores pa gid that sells only scrapbooking products .. here, g start pa lang =) im starting to research about digi-scrapping but i like the traditional way gid ya gyapon. i like textures and challenge... and above all, ara ang thrill sa lapta kag mga butingting heheehe

My name is Anne said...

sakit na likod ko ya kn lumpiga ko salog.hehehe..kon mag scarpbooking ko, i am obssessive compulsive. super naka plastar sila tanan kag naka box.i wonder does it take away the 'thrill' of scapbooking? kay dasig bi mag lingin ulo ko. ti kn may pangitaon ko kay ukayon ko pa ang lapata, gabuang ko dayon.stop na ko dayon obra.ngi.

huo, nami da sa states kay super wide ang selection. kag NEVER gd dapat madula ang scarpbooking. NEVER gid dapat masapawan sang DIGITAL nga scrapbooking. it's way, way, more therapeutic. i mean the traditional thing.

bebang rulona ... said...

ti imo mana ya style ang super naka box hehe ako ya ga kurog2 mag enjoy basta ga linapta hehehe =) you are right, TRADITIONAL forever!!! maybe apply ta lang ya ang digital sa mga FONTS, and JOURNALING ... pero amg lay out kay kag abobot ya as in mga orig gid ya e... dira pa gid makita CREATIVITY ta.. compared sang DIGi nga usually, may mga TEMPLATE na..