6 weird things about me

Tagged by momoftwo, my official reminder if my blog becomes idle hahaha. Thanks mama Maps. anyway, these are the things that separate me from others hehe ..

this is the way i start a good day, preparing a list =)

  1. i can not function well, if i don't have my 'to-do' NOTEBOOK with me. i gotta WRITE anything down before i can DO it. I just love the feeling of putting a TICK to even the simpliest task such as praying. what dah! even the things i pray for, LISTED. when you go to our house, there are a lot of things being listed everywhere wahaha. then, at the end of the day, when i did all these (sometimes not all hihihi) i put a smiley on top of the page, and i then retire peacefully, then repeat the same thing the next day. otherwise, expect a grumpy, scatteredbrain Bebang.
  2. i don't watch horror flicks.. i don't listen to horror talks.. huhuhu please, change the topic.
  3. i never watch the same movie twice. promise.
  4. i hate songs with repetitive lyrics. so dislike repeats. sulit sulit sulit sulit. amo man gyapon. grrr.
  5. i collect paper bags and would kill for them. okey super exaaage. but please believe me. its among the things that will take my blues away. the first i packed for my 'married life' trip was my paper bags. now, these have a special place in our house. so friends, just in case, my birthday's in a few days. i won't really mind if you send me some ehehe.. thank you na daan ha =)
  6. ari na. hambal ni anne2 indi ko ni di ibutang. but im an honest gal y'know.. here goes............ i hate to admit it. pano nalang akon dignity! ang akon korona! wahahaha.. but nothing's more weird than liking the smell of your f*rt... i just love it! wahahaah.. soweee.
now, that i have revealed a dash of my private- embarrassing-yuckie weirdness to you, you have no choice coz you are tagged. go!


momoftwo said...

Was it fun listing those weirdness?? Is 6 not enough? hehehe...Okay

#1 I'm like that but not too obsessed hehehe. I do several lists from grocery, things to study, chapters to review, and a to do list for the day.

Paper bags you mean those colorful ones when you shop in clothing stores or just gift bags? I like the stores bags and do keep them coz when it's time to send balikbayan box I put them on the sides and top of the stuff. People back home loved it!!! LOLZ

My name is Anne said...

yak.damerks damerks. hehehe..daw la pa gid ko gyapon mapa minsaran wierd sa akon.miskin mga friends nga gin pamangkot ko, wala sila may mapaminsaran nga wierd sa akon.pro sangkatutak ya friends ko nga wierd.ti amo na guro wierd sa akon.hehehe

felinelostindwilderness said...

hrhrhrhr...i have my super huge organizer..matyagan mo daw isa ka maleta ang unod! aheh I actually have two diary books, one for personal and one for the office only.

I have lots of paper bags here..ahahah..as in bulolotlig lang mata mo guro Mama Bebang! ahehe..

Lingaw man ko ba, ako naman next pero damo damo ko ka wirduhan..ambot lang gid bwehehehhe!! hhrhrrhrhrh...

bebang rulona ... said...

@ momoftwo:
yes mamamaps the store paperbags, the gift bags, basta paper na bags.. super happy gid ko na if mag puli ka di gaan mo ko bisan isa lang wahahaha =) mwha!

bebang rulona ... said...

-ehehehe. sige lang bala all of us have the more or less the damerks side of us.. (wala lang gina sugid wahaha) weird mo? weird ka kun mag tulog.. gapangaway.. wahaha

bebang rulona ... said...

-isa ka pa nga prospect ko pangayuan ko ka paperbagsEEEEEEE i know super damo ka .. please sige na gae kop huhuhu ... ikaw ang winner sa pa weirduhanay hehehe =) kag maybe second ka sa akon sa listahanay .. indi nada mag angal bebeh..

felinelostindwilderness said...


jb29 said...

hello bibang! when is ur bday? I plan to send u a gipt: a collection of beautiful movies: OUIJA, FUNGSHUI, THE RING, THE OTHERS, SHAKE RATTLE & ROLL PART 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15...
SUKOB, PASIYAM, and a lot more hehehehe

By watching these films, ur weird thing no. 3 will just be a thing of the past kay for sure liwat liwaton mo guid lantaw hahahaha

bebang rulona ... said...

- baw grabe ka naman pressure ka gid sang paperbag... don wori sugot man lang ko ya bisan puyo lang da ka lopue's mandalagan.. in di gani iya ka china rose..

bebang rulona ... said...

- tunto ka. sag ulo mo tanan bah.. indi nalang dong, bahala na wala bday geps. indi ko feel na mga sine nga ina... mayo pa tan an nalang ko korean novelas wahahaha ngakig ka ay..