brush of an angels wings, accident, & PHRRRRRRTH!!

Brush of an angels wings. That's what I utter everytime I feel God's love in an unexpected time. A few days ago, my husband Benjo came home with a certificate that says: Free dinner worth P900 @ Big Mao. It's not that we can't afford it. It just feels so nice to get a gift! Although I admit, we now limit ourselves from eating out that often (what is? ang budget hehe) I congratulate my hubby for his being so good at what he's doing (he's Senior/Staff engineer at Fairchild Semiconductor) that he often comes home with such kind of good news! (Im so proud of you Babeh! Let me grab this space to tell the world!) So --- to Big Mao we went. Me, the Handsomest and yummiest engineer in the world, the mini-engineer in the house Uji, and Mae.

Accident. Without my hubby's knowing it. I dropped our camera. Rather, his camera (now you know Baby, it's not Rujim. It's me. Sorry?) And I didn't tell him. When the time came for us to take pictures, he was shocked to see his well loved gadget --- deformed! Then there was that awkward silence.... Not knowing what to do or say, I took these pictures:

Huh?! Our camera's not broken!!! Yes! So I hugged my angry-and-already-very-hungry husband, pleaded him to forgive me and Rujim (baw ginpasibangdan ko pa anak namun palusot hahaha) assuring him we will have it fixed, and further told him something like: "Baby don't make me feel you love your camera more than me" .... hahaha. S Drama!

Thank God naman my husband smiled ... or it may also be because of the fact that he's already starving. Basta. Importante happy na kami eat. The food was good! When all of a sudden....

PHRRRRRRTH!!! The sound came from Rujim Paul's behind! It could only mean one thing! hahaha... can you guess?


felinelostindwilderness said...

heheheh MISKI PA ANO HAMBAL MO NA DAW WALA KO GINASAPAK ANG BLOGSPOT..ari pa ko ya sa giapon no!!! AKO pa gani una nakasabat!! hu hu hu hu!

Neweis, the photos looked really great kag gatulolo laway ko (meow nagkuha na sang balde).

And blessings like that are to be given thanks cause it does not usually happen everyday. We may or we may not acknowledge it but the mere fact that you did is a great acknowledgement to our Great Provider!

bebang rulona ... said...

helo bitchy nicey blondie meming!
ti puno na ang bade .. yuck! daw si brando kaman .. thanks for your nice words sa akon photos hehehe im inspired to practice more =)

that's why i took the time to post about it. my may of thanking the LOrd for that one moment when an angel brushed his wings ... thank you God for the blessings!

jb29 said...

bibang the fotos are really great as well as the food...hmmmm no wonder u r gayting hayvey jok jok jok....may i time ikaw naman mapose pose sa camera....sige na bibang....u did not win ms maskara 94 for nothing okidoki?

wat hapen to da purorot of baby rujim? hmmmm leme ges...guinbalon nyo puli?

Proud Mother of Two said...

uy..kanamit sg mga pagkaon..tulo laway man ako huhuh!you took good pics, bebs! pwede ka na nga maging maniniyot hehehe

ay ti? utot or dala ugasip?? hehehehe..

Proud Mother of Two said...

uy..kanamit sg mga pagkaon..tulo laway man ako huhuh!you took good pics, bebs! pwede ka na nga maging maniniyot hehehe

ay ti? utot or dala ugasip?? hehehehe..

felinelostindwilderness said...

@MAMA MAPING: anong ugasip man? kadalom na tinaga^ diin mo na nga ba-ul gin kuha? hrhrhrhr

@MAMA BRANDO: tapat ka gid sa kay mama bebangm dunoton ya gid ka sina! (winks@ Mama Bebs)

@MAMA BEBANG: toink..beachy blond naton..ahahah!!! amo na ang sa karton mo! hrhrhrhrhrrh..

bebang rulona ... said...

@ jb69: kadto bala sa frendster kay ga pose2 gid ko heheh.. gayting havey ka das karon maaaa... ang pororot ni rujim gin hatag namon sa head waiter as remembrance ahaha jk

@momoftwo: maps! thank you ha ka addicting sang photography gali! ... ato ang pororot ni rujim medyo darker lang sa ugasip hahaha!

@meming: sige lang bay e lang na anay si sixtynayn... salig lang na sya kay wala na sya gina barukoy ehehehe

My name is Anne said...

hehehe..ugasip.kay papang gn na term mangutot sya gani, para indi sya mahuya, 'Ay asig a.May dala pa ugasip.' YAK.

hehehe..namit gani tulukon mga pics. daw ka super delicious gid. miskin sino nga pida daw gusto magkaon. can't wait pa cebu para katilaw ko na.

mama_aly said...

yummy! all for 900?

Dohn.Nalumen said...

HA HA HA HA... promis. sobra ko kabaskog tawa, i caught already the attention of everybody sa team ko.

bero nice pictures. very nice...

bebang rulona ... said...

@anne: huo no si pader hahaha damak2 man to daan. YAK! sige go di kay treat taka =)

@mama_aly: i really am glad you dropped by! its a little more than 900. i think we added less than a hundred pesos only... and i failed to mention in my blog that the food is really good =)

@don2: ay salamat naman naka comment ka man gid di at last hehe posted a comment for you sa blog ni anne2. yodi, sikat sya =)

felinelostindwilderness said...

hrhrhrh amo na gle ang ugasip?! ahah thanks for the term..i love that!

Bang, Ph900+++ is not that bad at all! Actually super duper barato gid!!! Amo na to kadamo nakibot ko nga Ph900 lang?!!! And it definitely looks great! grrr* lalaway naman ko. Deri ya lab-ot na ina siguro Ph2,000.

Dohn.Nalumen said...

@ manang bebang:

hahahaha. di man gid ah. mali'i man na nila kung sino si Domingo. hahahaha

nakita ko man gani ang comment mo sa cpoied sa friendster ko.

may bag'o na ko nga blog :)

bebang rulona ... said...

@ meming: actually ang igasip daw ina bala ang lana ka lubi? or ang gina himo gata? ambot amo na? hehehehe di ko tsure...

@don: domingo nalumen ni si domingo hehehe ti din na ya akon testi?
sige bisitahan ko lang imo blog ah =)