bohol vacation

IT was a"fattening process" as cuz Tim and Benjo call it.. nonstop eating and chitchat in what was like PBB house ( we stayed inside the room intended for for Uji and Ty most of the time) it was such a very memorable experience ...videoke, disco w aunts and uncles, the endless "mano po".. and.. dan dararaaaan.. the "crab phenomenon" (only me and some cuzins-in-law will understand) will surely be one of the topics for the generations to come..Im sure Lola Tianing and Lolo Tiks were looking down on us from heaven with glee.. thank you tita nini and tito undo for making all these possible.. balik2 .. we love you.on our way to bohol via lite shipping

practicing my shots with my two dashing models

at the cemetery..

the cast
more pix HERE


jb29 said...

hello bebang! it's nice to see ur happy family...God bless always!

Ur baby is cute and for sure mana sa parents nga mga maanyag.

and of course...waay man japon kupas ang pagka beauty queen ni bebang hehe....

bebang rulona ... said...

thank you gid sa imo dayaw sa akon baby! kag sa akon.. hehe.. baw na inspire man ako nga mag paniwang wahahaha... hataw ko sa jogging bwas ah! hehe sige balik2

My name is Anne said...

mayo lang ang pa lagaw lagaw ba.ti subong ari naman kamo di bacolod. ti diin naman ang next?kami naman ang next ha. pa cebu naman kmi.hehehehe...haaay...2008!!! here i come!!!!