i can't
to say.
anything to do.
im lazy.
so pathetic.
i can't smile
to save my life.
i wish
this day ends fast.
i know


My name is Anne said...

amo na na sya ang resulta when you live for the ones you love.

miskin ang machine kinanglan man pahuway.

felinelostindwilderness said...

yeps, we're definitely not robots, believe me you're not the only one..just remember you've got friends and loved ones backing you up when in times like these..kung sa commercial pa..

Times like these? You need juicy fruit gum! MASSS MALINAAMMMNAAMMM!!!!

mom said...

take a deep's good not to be busy even for a day, kay the next day you will feel much better

My name is Anne said...

cheer up na. may award ka to sa blog site ko hehehe... kag tapos ko naman sulat bday letter to kron ko lang sa hapon post.hehehe.

felinelostindwilderness said...

uYyyy ang wrinkles! other than that ma pungodun ka pa sina..tapos madugang ang buringot aguy...its a big NO, NO!!! ahehehe SMILE NA GWAPS.

bebang rulona ... said...

mga kaibigan!!! hahahaha salamat gid sa inyo mga concerns kag laygay ... haynaku... tingala ko man ... buntit gali ang byuti amo nga daw indi ma intindihan ang kalibutan.. anyway ... salamt gid... its really great to know that when im down and troubled and i need a helping hand.. and nothing oh nothing is going right.. close your eyes and think of me and soon i will be there.. to brighten up even your darkest night ,, you just call out my name and you know whrever i am ill come running to see you again.. winter spring summer or fall all you have to do is call and ill be there yes i will... YOU GOT A FRIEND! EHEHEHE.. .. bridge.. chorus... fading.. adlib .. ehehhee