DEarest Kuya Uji,
i thank you for being so cute. seeing this picture encouraged me to make my life today less boring by scrapping some pictures of you and Lolamamang when you were still a few months old... hope you like it.

(PEEK-A-BOO-> is a game similar to hide and seek but played with
babies. In the game, one hides their face, pops into view, and says peek-a-boo!
Here in this page its done the other way around
as Lola gets the amusement from Rujim .

Isn't he cute! )

will be transferring all my letters for you here in this site.. hehe.. why? basta lang ah =)


My name is Anne said...

hehehehe ka nami gid sining shots no? kita gid ang kalipay ni lola mamang. by the way mas namian ko sang old blog design mo.hehehe

momoftwo said...

naga tika tika gid sya gali di sa pic no?? nice one!