the best blogger awardee for me
my idol when it comes to many things esp writing
nerbiyosa but anchored with the Lord so ok lang
she's the one who brought me to many things:SFC, blogspot, etc.
she's got the best career as assistant editor but is very willing to give it up time comes for family
she's a super "budget" person (like me) but can be super galante in giving gifts/help
God loves her that much for giving her Rennei, Abe, and us, her family
she's got many loyal friends including me. yes we're frwends too
layas anak
the best listener ever
super deep
she's anne
my sister
and i love her dearly



cathyne said...

Advance Birthday tribute?

nami nami bang...i like it..

YES!!ako gd una comment. una pa ko ky anne...hahahaha

momoftwo said...

aw ahh..ka sweet kay Mommy Bebs ah! Very nice :)

ay ti ako ikaduha eh! hehehe..

Happy Birthday, Anne! More blessings to come :)

Dohn.Nalumen said...

kadaya ah. gin agawan ako birtdi gep. hmp!


My name is Anne said...

heheheeh tenk yu sistah dear! mmmwaaah!! hehehe just got me thinking, wala mlang ko ka pinsar sulatan ka bday blog.soweeee..ti kay ari kmo to d sa bacolod kag la pa ko internet connection.hehehehe..ti sa weekend na lang.hehehe galing kay nga-a amo gid na nga pic ginbutang mo da?ang wow legs.

jb29 said...

ha birthday ni aanne ay te mabalik gali ako sa iya blog para magreet .....sge balik lang ko after 1 second.....zzzooommmm...

cathyne said...

bang how are you na? wala na ko kabati sa imu haw?

My name is Anne said...

huo man ga tinamad ang buntit.kasubo subong sang aton blogarkada.

cathyne said...

we miss you bang!!!!

momoftwo said...

Musta ka na preggy mami?? Hope all is good bisan suka2 ok lang hehehe.

Take care!