have heard about this place from many of my friends: Monastery of the Holy Eucharist; Marian Monks of the Eucharist Adoration (Monghe ni Sta. Maria), Marian Hills, Lindogon, Sibonga, Cebu, Philippines --- otherwise known as SIMALA. im glad i finally got the chance to go there myself, with my family and our CFC household last Sunday November 25. also in time for CARCAR'S annual fiesta .. yes namiesta pud mi!! :)

the place was so solemn, despite the hundreds of devotees and pilgrims, religiously falling in long queue just to step on the phenomenal Shrine of Mama Mary. my son, rujim was laughing and babbling nonstop-- not his usual self for he's always serious, cool and quiet... it was as if angels were playing with him... i really felt the place was surrounded with God's warriors. one sweet gesture we did was writing a letter to Mama Mary with our thanksgivings and petitions. not that we consider her God... it was just to ask for her intercession... that being Jesus' mom, im pretty sure she's powerful enough to make kulit to her son about our prayers hehe :)

pasilong sa initan :)

with our CFC household
my son enjoyed alot. he didn't even ask any of us to carry him .. walk galore lang sya :0)

rujim: "even a carabao has an angel to watch over him? cool!"
taken by my photography-buff hubby, nice noh? :)


Anonymous said...

Hats off to you Baby! Very nice and even blog which you called "simple" captures and describes all the highlights that happened there. - Bentoy

bebang rulona ... said...

thank you Baby.. your comment made me smile. really heheheheeeeeeeee...

(pati kana guys, gina pilit ko na sya nga mag post comment kag naga sugot lang sya para ka badminton sya karon.. ayti )

Proud Mother of Two said...

Carcar sounds familiar hehe. Which part of Cebu? South, North?

Hmm..fiesta are nice esp when there are lots of food to munch hehehe.

bebang rulona ... said...

mamamaps, car2 is in the south part of cebu.. have you tried travelling to cebu (from bacolod) by land? gina agihan ina nga place .... that's the place where we can find the yummy ampaw (pop rice) and the famous Car2 choes and slippers for export :)

baw namit gid ang food sa fiesta but that time wala gid ko ka enjoy sg food kay dali lang ko mabusog kay busog na daan haha :)

Proud Mother of Two said...

aw sus ah..amo na da gali ang Carcar? huo gid di ka agi ako dira pila man ka times siguro