i have a confession to make... there was a time (not so long ago.. not even more than a month ago) in my motherhood life, that i was a bit afraid of many things... one of which is about my son's speech... i was afraid he's not going to be able to talk! OMG. i would silently say... what if rujim can't speak? huhuh.. well blame it on his verY- witty-charming-so-talkative-extremely-smart cousin Abe! i couldn't help but compare the former to the latter... you see, my nephew (Annabelle's son he is btw) can already speak in clear and straight sentences even before he turned two.

but thank God. i worry no more! these past few days, at 1 year and 10 months, my son speaks a little more.. not clearly.. but he speaks! HAHAHA!

here's a humble list of his vocabulary:

mommy - meeee/maaa
daddy - dedi (but seldom says so)
jollibee - ebi
saka - kaka
go down - dam dam
buka - ka
human na/ finish na - nana!
amen - hamen (clasps both hands)
water - trrr!
star- ta!
sun - tan
moon - mmmm/ moo
car- ca!
fish- sss
hello? - aaaa?
pig - pee

and just an hour ago while we were watching DORA, when he saw a butterfly -- he suddenly shouted facing me: AYTIBA! Hheheh i guess he was trying with all his might to let out the right sound.. wasn't it an excellent try? :)

... and he often loves to talk to himself as if he's talking to someone.. and guess what's his intonation??? ILONGGO! hahaha

i love you my Baby Kuya. you make me so happy every single day :)


momoftwo said...

it's normal to worry and compare but you know kids will do it on their time..and boys btw takes a little while to speak clearly based on previous experiences with nephews and cousins...

one day, makibot ka na lang nga grabe na sya kawakalan kag super clear pa na dayon hehe

My name is Anne said...

yes, mapz is very right. i had my own share of mommy-worries when it comes to Abe. tanan gani nga kapraningan. but God is just so good to allow us to be mothers to these adorable angels.

i am so very happy uji is finally letting out his long awaited syllables! more to come! brace yourself!

this christmas, sadya gid ni storyahanay nila ni Abe. hehehe

jb29 said...

hello bebang i can share u a tip pano magdasig hambal ang isa ka bata. pero i think i can't post it here u know hehehe....

ihambal kolang sa blog ko once nagvisit ka to okidoks

Proud Mother of Two said...

hahaha..I think I know what Brando means hehe..wala ko na sya na try coz my daughter talk first before she walk hehe

jb29 said...

hahaha maps....uso na di sa mga tagalog.....pag indi ka pala-istorya..kung hiposon ka ....ithreaten ka nila nga pakan-on ka kuno sang totot! toto!.....hahahah

bebang rulona ... said...

hello philippines and hello world!
Brando ano na nga term man? guess: pukikik sang baboy ay? hehehe

Rujim is really building up his vocabulary na! i guess amo na ni ila hambal nga makibot ka lang.. and to think he still has 2 months before his second birthday.. medyo ga tikab2 na sya.. many things can still happen within 2 months so meaning madamo pa gid na ma add sa iya words hahaha im so happy.. thank you Lord!

ma chikahay na ni sila ni cousin Abe ya hehehe

jb29 said...

Ay bebang garabe! tsakto ka guid! Pakan-on mo kuno muning ka baboy kay maba-baan guid kuno. Pero ini aton-aton lang ha. sang gamay pa ako, waay man ko kadumdom ka guid pakaon ako muning ah...este muning ka baboy pero pierte sa akon ka baba-an hehehe....piermi lang ko guinamudloan mata sa mga tits...titsers ko sang una kay kagahuran kuno sa akon hehehe