preparing the HOME and the HEART... for CHRISTMAS :)

the house is ready for Christmas! (and for mom-in-law whose coming over tomorrow!) i feel so fulfilled today after i finished all the things that needed to be done:

...the gifts are wrapped.... if you've been good, your name might be in the gift tags.. click the photo to zoom hehe ... these presents are so special for it helped me get up from my "difficult days of pregnancy" the moment i started wrapping, POOF! the nausea and the negative spirits were instantly gone!

...the tree is made, just the way i want it. small ( so it fits our little home), simple, and meaningful. this year, i adorned it with cute litle picture frames i handmade with our pictures in it :)

... i also placed some in our stairs, added some lights, so it looks this way:

... some inexpensive stuff here and there,
like this flowers i bought from carbon market....

... and this 4-year-old centerpiece from metro gaisano (yes i remember i bought thison our first Christmas! im smiling now remembering it.. i think it only cost P100+ :)

... and to welcome anyone in our home,
i still have this Christmas wreath i made last year, placed right in our front door:

"welcome to our humble home! "


... maybe i have prepared my home a bit for the birth of Christ, but im still praying i am able to prepare my heart. like becoming more patient to others (esp the house help) , being more mindful abt my words, being a lot more faithful in my prayertime, being sincerely interested in others, becoming a good listener that i am not, seeing and being grateful of the millions of blessings God gives me moment after moment... haaay kadamo lang. i pray that i will have a peaceful and happy Christmas this year.. and i also pray the same for you!


My name is Anne said...

as in inday you made me so hisa looking at these photos. as in. i wish i had the time. nag vacation leave na ko tani, nagmasakit naman ko.husto ko lang ihigda ang a few days off from work. pero sige lang may time pa ko dutay.hehehe

hay ayawan ko lantaw kon ara akon name wala gid. bad girl ko guro.hehe

My name is Anne said...

im looking at the photos see? i am so hisa gid ya. nami nami sang decorations promise.sundon ko nang christmas tree.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed Baby. :) As I have said, you deserve a date with me... in Bacolod. :) - Bentoy

maping said...

wow! wonderful creations & decor!

I like your ornaments, very creative! no wonder Bentoy (hello Trim R. hehe) loves you to da max :))

cathyne said...

nami nami imu balay bang!!! merry christmas!!!

felinelostindwilderness said...

tried calling you but couldnt get through..merry christmas anyway!

jb29 said...

Hello Bebangski Merry Christmas to you and ur family! Happy new year man! God bless you always!!!

bebang rulona ... said...

baw wala ko di gali ka reply sa inyo mga comments ho.. salamat gid mga toto kag mga inday ha.. i hope and im sure you all had a blast during the holidays.. . God is really good for giving us Jesus. May He be praised at all times!!!