backlog: Rujim's 2nd Birthday!

January 29, 2008. It was the day our Rujim Paul turned two! But due to some of life's hullabaloos, I wasn't able to post about it. Well here it is now. We opted for an exclusive family overnight at Cebu White Sands. And we're glad we did! How about the birthday boy? You bet he did. All our attention was centered on him the whole time. Hope these photos (and my hubby's art photos) will somehow share our fun that very significant day...

day one

good morning birthday boy! it's gonna be a great day!

lunch @ jollibee while picking up the cake at red ribbon, foodah
just arrived @ whitesands!

so excited! to eat the cake!!!
Rujim likes cars so much
that we chose this special fondant cake for him:

it turned out to be a good decision..
see our boy enjoying the edible cars! :)

and enjoying some more with Lolo!
afterwhich, it was time to look around the resort and just enjoy
the beauty of nature :)

night time na...

it's super quality time.
strictly no tv, no laptops, no cellphones allowed :) in room 101

while the grannies are having the time of their life in room 102...

day two



more swimming!

yodi2 @ the jacuzzi

lifeguard ..

checkout time na? dalia gud!

going to mactan won't be complete without dropping by at SUTUKIL...

Happy Birthday Baby Kuya!
Dad and I thank the Lord that he gave us this role of being your parents.. for the past 2 years you have taught us many things. so many wonderful things. the most important of all is we learned to trust and obey Him more. And life is never this beautiful and meaningful without that close connection with the Lord. and you made it possible! :) We pray the same prayer we had on your 1st birthday, that you grow up knowing and loving Him. Love you Kuya! :)


Benjo said...

Reading this blog makes me wanted to turn back time and do the same thing all over again. This is really priceless and I bet Uji had a grand time as well on his big day. :) So till next time? :)

cathyne said...

bang, sa diin ni dampi sa cebu?

bebang said...

helo cat! Sebu White Sands is located in Mactan Island.. just click the Cebu White Sands sa first paragraph sang blog ko kay ara da ang website nila :) namian ka mag bakasyon haw? hhehe

gRaSyAh said...

happy bday Rujim!!