Burache, MPA.

Just want to say congratulations to my youngest sis!
She finally graduated her post-grad studies
(Masters in Public Administration) and I am one
of the proudest! She's currently a female lead vocalist of PNP Band.
And with her determination, strong will,
and extraordinary kindness,
i believe she'll go a long way!
Burache, I'm praying for your heart's desire, whatever it is,
I know God will bless it if you just follow His will :)


burache said...

tayynnkkkkkkkkyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!aaaaaaayabyutu!!! mwah!! heheheh@@ aym spetsless!! hehehe!! just want you all to know that im doing everything to make you happy, im just praying i can settle everything (Y' know) so we will be totally happy!! heheheheh!!

My name is Anne said...

you know prayer man na namon.wala lang na gina hambalan pero kabalo ka na na. we trust you that you're taking care of yourself and that you know how to get things in order sa imo life.

you always give your best in everything that you do, that's why super bow gid ko sa imo. kay miskin diin ka lang ibutang kaya mo mag excell.

so amo na eh. apart from all your other achievements, you know what will truly make us happy. syempre that will make you happy man. so dasiga na.kay until now nalaw-ayan pa gid ko na sa iya gyapon.