saturday nite @ eastland

nothing to do on a saturday night (and hubby's not around) so some friends in my neighborhood decided to gather in my place and share some fun. i prepared a sugar-butter crepe, chilled a few cans of san mig light, turned on the magic sing. and here's what happened...

did u know? this is the very first food
i made for a suitor more than 6 years ago :)
we became sweethearts the day after.
and a few months after, he asked me to marry him hahaha :) memories! hehe
u bet he liked it. i learned afterwards he's a sweet tooth.
dali lang this could be another good topic for a blog hehe

glad they liked my crepe :)

dili hawa hangtod mahurot ha ..

my love na love na uji with kuya tian2

mga misis and kiddos

nag birit ug 'like a virgin'

mao ni ang virgin hahaha

the best part of the evening
was an occasional cuddling with my no. 1 fan.
he loves it when im the one holding the mic

sleepy na uji?
ok, goodnight na everybody! :)


Benjo said...

Wow! namit sang crepe with ice cream. yum2x! Makes me miss Cebu more. :( So happy to know that you had a great time with our wonderful neighbors there! Bibo kaayo dah! :D

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meowiefotografie said...

ay ka very nice sang crepe with ice cream..ehehe...crepe is one of my fave desserts! YUum-O!