cheap fun :)

Maricor, Salyn and I, didn't plan it. We just said: "Let's go to the beach!"

So off we went. To the nearby beach. Sea Front. A very cheap but "ok" place for our kids to have fun, and for the moms to have some chitchat...

cottage ---------------------------------P100.00
entrance ------------------------------- FREE
Titay's rosquillos for some munch------- 37.00
soft drinks ----------------------------- 25.00
seeing my son laugh, run, splash,
point and identify the things
he sees such as the boat, plane,

We went to the beach! and our kids loved it!


My name is Anne said...

eeeeeeeehehehehehe ka ulumol sang little hunk a.daw ikaw gid inday tsura ya ho,may pic ka gid na sang gamay ka nga ga tulok man sa dalum daw ikaw gid. hehehehe..nami kagton tummy a! sexy sang trunks ba!

nami lang sang life no? pa beach beach lang...

Proud Mother of Two said...

ay ka cute!!!

priceless gid tuod!

Abaw I miss a lot of postings on your cooking ha?

I think you're nesting na hehe. Kay amo man ko na sang una before ko nag bata (both kids) kag bira bira paninlo. It's a good thing!

Happy Cooking!