even if you can’t see me

today's word taken from here.

“I am with you. Whatever path you choose in faith, I will guide you—even if you can’t see me.”

Why do we sometimes feel like the unsure traveler in our spiritual walk? Because God wants us to follow him like a child, in complete surrender—but we often choose to walk our own way. And thus we get confused and begin to fear we have followed the wrong road. At these times, we need to know that our Father trusts us, and that he wants us to learn to trust him. He wants to teach us to focus our eyes on him—and try our best not worry so much about the details!

“Lord, thank you for being with me when I’m uncertain and confused. Help me to see that your strength and wisdom are all that I need.”

Acts 7:51–8:1; Psalm 31:3-4,6-8,17,21

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