5th year since we said "I do"

It's our 5th year wedding anniversary. And it's the first time we are not together. I miss hubs so much, and I wish him here. I got a text at 12 midnight, and I woke up to a beautiful bouquet of white roses. Feeling gwapa ko eh! I feel so loved. Thank you Baby. My gift to you are the two handsome kiddos :)

I could ask for nothing more. I just pray for continued grace and wisdom for us to be faithful to Him and to our love triangle. To radiate love to our kids, family and to everyone we come across with everyday of our life. To be obedient and trusting to His will knowing it is always for our best. To be humble everyday despite life's blessings. To be joyful sufferers if there are times we needed to walk the narrow path. To just let go and let God, and be so happy about it.

Thank you Lord for being with us in our walk, these past five years, and the many years ahead!


Benjo said...

Touched kaayo ko Baby sa imo blog. :)

Yeah, I prayed to God yesterday that we have submitted to His Will of whatever His Plans for us because I know it is for the best. :)

I love you... let's make up when we will be together soon. :) Muwah!

bebang said...

amen to that. this life is beautiful baby. god is good! :)

gail said...

hi bebang! bernard showed me your "sale!" text. san-o kamo malakat? hope to see you before you go. am waiting to deliver pa. keep in touch ha. halong lang kamo pirmi. :-)

bebang said...

hi gail! will surely keep in touch :) let us know man if magbata ka na ha hehe btw, thank you gid sa gift nyo kay migs.. super cute gid!!! :)

meowiefotografie said...

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER CONGRATULATIONS! more blessings in life and love!