bye bye stress! :)

Life has been a little rough lately. Our Daddy is away again. So many things to be done, so little time. The little Miggy is kinda demanding as he wants to be cuddled all the time! Kilala mo si sakit likod? hehe Kuya Uji also needs my time... and there are bouts of power struggles. Especially because he can't speak clearly yet (We are into therapy .. and i thinks that's another blog story... maybe soon, promise). But...

Life isn't that cloudy. Far from it. I see to it that I take every much-deserved breaks by blogging and spending time with my honey banana via YM... by playing with Kuya at least 30 mins in his playroom... by having caramelo every chance I get... and yes.. by looking at big and small things that God gives us everyday. Things that are beautiful.. there are many of them around. such as these super cute stuff my Baby Miguel wears these days. Can you believe there's a FILA socks for a newborn? LOL. the cuteness makes me smile :) bye bye stress!

hey, got to go... breaktime over! :)

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Benjo said...

Honey Banana? :) hehehe. I love it Baby. :)

If going gets tough, that means we are almost there. :) this is just temporary. Let us live a day at a time and in the end, we are going to laugh all the anxieties and stresses off. :) I miss you all!

My name is Anne said...

amo ma lang nang impt no?ang maka hatag time nga magpahimunong kag mag reflect sa mga mas mayo nga butang sa kabuhi ta.

these days, the only thing that remains to be my sure reminder is abe. i look at him and i feel better.

miss uji ang miggy to d max :( ks-a cry ko imagine kugos miggy.

bebang said...

super bug at na gid si migs ,, as inmiggy gid ya? cute man miggy hehe sige miggy kag migs iya hayo hehe ...
life is so beautiful and meaningful. basta ara lang ta ga focus kay God. hope , peace, joy, ara tanan sa akon at this moment. nami2 gid basta may prayer time. which reminds me. ma prayertime ko anay hehe :)

maping said...

Take it easy, Mama! Remember you can only do so much in one day.

I know the feeling. And truly understand what you're going through.

Cute socks and shoes!!

Take care!