garage sale

Recently I held a garage sale in front of our house! Mother was in the hospital that day (couldn't cancel the sale, it was already announced) and so I did the impossible: selling my stuff while caring for my two boys. Imagine! With that, I wasn't able to take photos of the before and during ... luckily, I remembered to take the after. Here's what's left of my stuff, you might wanna buy LOL :)

a few bags which Im thinking to use again na lang hahaha

magazines. I hate saying goodbye to these. collection. but i have to.
alangan naman dal un ko pa ni . heler..

blouses. this goes to my relatives in Iloilo :)

bike: not for sale.

this goes to ABS-CBN

garage sale organizer assistant :)

garage sale endorser :)

that's ol tenk yu!


Benjo said...

katawa kaayo ko Baby sa endorser and organizer assistant! sakit ako tiyan sa katawa! Laughed so hard I cried! hahaha! Cute kaayo si Migs ga-endorse with matching karatula! :) hahaha! si uji daw piho! hahaha! murag mudato gyud ta ani! hahaha!

meowiefotografie said...

waaaahhh* nice nice garage sale Mama Bebs!!! ara ko da baklon ko imo bags! LOL! Bag lady ko daan! LOL...

My name is Anne said...

hahahahaha indi ko ka untat kadlaw!!! hahahahahah katawa tuod uy! hahahaha ang endorser ug organizer hahahahahahahahahaha super laughin gid ya ah hahahahahaha benjo hibi pud ko katawa hahahaha tingala si abe nga-a kuno kagadlaw ko hahahahah

My name is Anne said...

nyahahahaha lantaw ko liwat tawa ko liwat! hahahaha cute cute gid ya sa ila, esp si miggy nga ga siga siga ang mga mata hahahahaha