random thoughts ...

  • Been so busy. I miss blogging but i can't find time... thus.. anything goes in this post hehe... i just miss posting.
  • I am holding a garage sale this weekend. Need to clear the house for our transfer. You'll know about it soon :)
  • I am so happy that Rujiim is starting to ask and express his needs these days. Like... he lets us know when he is sleepy by saying "das" ... (dance) meaning, he wants to be danced to sleep. thanks to the rocking chair idea by Mamang and Papang... we "dance" rujim to sleep on a rocking chair :)
  • Miguel gives us so much joy everyday.. he holds eye contact longer.. and smiles everynow and then .. so cute!
  • I am thinking of a "new" business... still at a conception stage. Still praying about it. Meanwhile, I'm happy and grateful for the mini-business partnership with my friend Tatskie ... so inspired to do more! hehe
  • I miss my husband :(
  • I need to go now... My friend Sweet will be fetching us. We will go to Ayala to do grocery and have bonding.. with Rujim and Migs :)
  • Got so much to tell ... maybe next time!

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Benjo said...

I miss you too Baby... alot. I miss the kids as well. Make the most and enjoy your life there in Cebu coz it is going to be different here in SG. hehehe. Have fun! :)