how sweet it is to be loved by You...

That's what I want to tell God these days.
Feel so loved by Him.
It does not mean my life is perfect.
Very far from it.
Those who are close to my circle know what I mean.
They know what we are going through.
But It's not the right time to go public about it, yet.
(feeling ko celebrity ko saying it hehehe)
There are still gray areas.
But what's certain is.
As of now...
I have an amazing...
never boring...
and so-close-to-God life.
So, I am here.
Feeling His sweet love everyday.
And it's all that matters.
Right? :)


My name is Anne said...

kanami no? the photos very well speak for themselves. yes may darker days gid man, but what is important is we take time to contemplate on how most of the time light overcomes a student of life, you're very deligent. ako tig-a ulo gani ko. pareho man sang college, pirmi lang ga drop out. my life now, ang ga tame sa akon nga indi mag sige drop out, si abe. he reveals to me so many truths to myself nga gina deny ko.

Benjo said...

Yes, Amen to that, Baby... :) everything He has blessed us are all for our own good. :) and one way to reciprocate His Love for us is to glorify Him with our own little ways. :)

meowiefotografie said...

indeed..those deepest darkness hours we seemed to be so adamant about it and sometimes would just cop out in everything that we try to do and not even trying..just giving up.

Agree gid ko sa kay anne2x...ang kalipayan ta ara lang makita naton sa aton mga pinalangga sa kabuhi. And you are blessed with beautiful kids and a loving husband..and that's worth thanking for each day!