smile pa-cute! =)

While Miguel is sound asleep after our breastfeeding moment (yes, he's 100% breastfed now, yay!) & Rujim is downstairs singing with the Pinoy Dream Academy Little Dreamers ... (He sings "wa bepeee!" which means , "I want to break free!" ) I got busy making a page that reminds me how talented he is! My little kuya wonder boy :)

The photos were taken during his Tita Yang's birthday at Marco Polo when he was a little over a year old... This page is the last page of Rujim's first scrapbook :)

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Benjo said...

Yes! He is really so talented Wonderboy! :) hehehe. And now he is singing! Wow! :) very beautiful scrapbook Baby. :) the color combination of the materials you are using blends well with the photos colors too. :) Such talent! Keep it up! :)