things that made me smile today...

  • Jesus my best friend reminded me that He is my treasure. nothing else.
  • rujim took out his ABC flashcards while watching ABC videos :)
  • although he doesn't like to eat his usual food (a molar is on its way) he smiled when i gave him oatmeal cookies and he said "cookie"
  • miguel is smiling ang cooing all the time! it's so addicting!
  • im enjoying my online shop please visit and leave a comment. you'll get the chance to get a gift =) hehehe
  • i lost 2 lbs.
  • im chatting with my labidods.
  • scrapping
  • scrapping
  • and more scrapping!
  • i will stop now and do some scrapping. bye!



Benjo said...

Guwapaha uy! Mao gyud dayon ang nakit-an sa akong mga mata. Hehehe. :) so proud of Uji and Migs! I am proud of you too, Baby. To God be the Glory! :)

jing said...

i don't like reading on line shop.... what's the name? por que? .... but i love the gift(whatever it is....) hahahhahahaha

i also accept checks mega... bank to bank mo okay gid... with pleasure.hehhehehhe

bebang said...

mega ang qualified sa "gift" ang ma visit sa on lilne shop kag ang mag leave didto comment.. ti wala ka to nag visit kag wala ka to nag comment therefore wala ka gift! wahahaha ....

meowiefotografie said...

waahah te kung mag visit ko to, ning ga ship ka international? Woot! Woot!