"this is how my morning looks like"

I thank the Lord for each morning He gives me
for I know you'll both be there
when I open my eyes.
Love, Mom.


Benjo said...

Ang Daddy diay? hehehehe. I thank God for blessing us two wonderful and super adorable sons, Baby. murag nindot kung naa sila kid sister dah. nyahaha! Very nice accordion scrapbook... the beautiful pictures are even more priceless! :)

jing said...

like the style of this one.... hmmmm.... ithink i need to go back to my old self.... diin ko ani gin butang ang akon nga mga tool boxes man? daw ari man lang na d mong.hehhehehehehe

meowiefotografie said...

WooOot! Wooot!!!! kung mag stay at home na ako am thinking of going back scrapbooking..as for now ma lantaw lang ko anay at your lovely projects! waahaha..tamaran ko daan. toink!