true friends... who are they?

I have defined friendship in a not-so-good mood before in this blog. Let me update you about it. That friend I was referring to and I are in good terms again. I thank God for making a way! But this post Isn't about that.

This is about my definition of friendship in a good mood :)

I have many friends. Many. I tell you. But Some never last. Only a handful remain. Only very few are true. And what do I exactly mean by "true few"... they are the ones who...
  • go to my house without setting appointment and I don't mind about it and vice versa.
  • know my deepest secrets and I know theirs.
  • know how bitch I can become but still love me anyway.
  • are happy in my victories and cry with me in my defeats.
  • call my parents Mamang and Papang, or at least know them even a bit :)
  • know the names of my siblings and become their friends too.
  • Uji feels comfortable with :)
  • tell me if I'm wrong and never takes it seriously when I am upset about it.
  • visit my blog and friendster page and leave comments (para ni sa imo Milet)!
  • remember my birthday and send me gift. bwahahah joke only :)

If you think you are the one I'm describing then, swerte ka hehehe love na love ta ka bisan kis a indi lang bal anun hehe :) It is my prayer to be a good and loving friend too. So hang in there. You got a friend here. Just let me know If you need me. Text lang :)

God loves me enough to bless me with few true friends. Among them are these two wacky kikays I spent one evening with having some milk tea and junk food... I love them because with them, I get to laugh loud as in BWAHAHA. We compliment each other. Wala palabwanay. We talk about funny stuff, sexy stuff, serious stuff. We hate tsismis. We love Ukay2. Basta. Sadya. Please meet my neighbor moms, Sweet and Cor!

these glasses stand for: Bebang, Maricor, Sweet

gina straw ang milk nga nabilin bwahaha

ang mga ulay nyahaha :)

this is how i look when i'm with a friend. ang thaya2! :)
Ikaw? friend ta man ka? sabat ... hehe


Benjo said...

This is really nice Baby... yeah, we all need friends, not just ordinary friends but gut level friends. and glad to know that we have found a few ones worth keeping. ako Baby, i am also your friend. sabat na ko ha? hehehe. i love you!

bebang said...

i love you to my bestest friend in the world. u are always there when i need someone to cry on to. you proved it tonight. grabe imo pogi points. hugs mwah! :) cnt wait for next week!

felinelostindwilderness said...

Mama Bebang,there will always be that question that comes to our mind once in a while and it will keep on coming till we grow Who are we keeping and who are we going to toss out in our lives...ehehe. I have mostly tossed some out but along the way they kept on coming back. I guess life is too short to hold grudges. Me, am not a perfect friend..but I do know how to treasure if i know they are worth keeping. MUAAAAAAAH*

@ BENJO: awwwh bords...ka sweet gid ya ah..gina subayan na ko di oi.

Proud Mother of Two said...

Just dropping by!

Ka timing sang imo entry on my visit hehehe. I was thinking the same thing the other day.

Anyway, I may not be the friend you describe in your list..but I'm still here :)

bebang said...

first, ka cute sa imo MILETSKI! i was expecting your comment here.. but didto ka ya gali nag comment sa previous post ko hahaha ... but since i love ur commment so much (kay nag i love you gen ka hehe gen pa imo tawag sakon meaning old friend ta gid ka hihi) i will paste it here:

"HHMM ako ya ka attest gid nga si gen ya open gid na ang home niya para sa true friends niya ...hulam duster niya kun mag tulog ko sa ila balay ah..hehehe ...lov e you gen ...friends may come and go but those who are true will always be there for you sans the distance and time ..its the loving thoughts and wishes and prayers that will stay for a wonderful friend like you"

so, to you my friend miletski i love you too and thank you kay nag comment ka after sang akon pamilit bwahahaha see you soon somewhere outthere .. mwah!

bebang said...

meow meow!

yeah... siguro i process ko mana sa akon self not to feel bad if some of my so-called friends choose to go. i pray that i will be sincere enough to just be here and always ready anytime they come back again...

pero sa tuod2 lang bala daw miss ko gid ya mga old friends ko huhuhu...

ikaw guro ya ti tested and proven na.. naka agi na ta away mo ari ka pa gyapon hehehe love u meming :)

bebang said...

hi mamamaps!

so happy to hear from you ahay ah miss ko na gid imo blogs.. and i mean ang blogs nga indi ya flickr hahahaha :) wen ka ma amo sato liwat? or ara na galing indi lang ko ka sulod.. please add me..

ara ka man sa gina describe ko ah.. you visit my blog and leave comment.. hehehe i feel special na sina.... and God willing time will come nga maka kadto man ko sa imo balay and it will start from there .. hope everything's great with you and the family!!! :)

Iamquietheart said...

ti ako friend mo man ko?:<> hheee.sang college ta friends ta diba? subong wala na ta kit-anay but i feel that we're still friends, aren't we? sabat!

joke lang. pero gen, kanami sang life mo da no? what else can i say?

bebang said...

huo eh! friend taka gid eh.. sang una dumduman ko naka sleep ko sa haws nyo kay gin upod ko ni anne2 and i think there were a few times ga pour out ko sa imo sa lovelife ko? hihihi :) toink...

nami ang life ko? yes kay upod ko so God... ti everything becomes beautiful, pero kun wala guro baw dugay nako na tulorn.. hehe i have my own share of dark tunnels man vian :) mangkuta bala si ann2 .. galing everyday ga dangop lang sa IYA ah :) ang saya saya na dayun :)

thank you gid vian! for always dropping by.. baw effective akon post damo mga pinalangga ko comment hihihi :) actually damo pa ko gid friends ga read lang nga ga read la gid ga comment (pa bati2 ko sa ila... sweet, jing, kag iban pa da hahaha) comment na kamo bi ay!!! heheheehe

My name is Anne said...

haaaay..kanami no?hehehehe.. one of the lines sa akon favorite worship song:

"You have blessed me with good things and plenty, and surrounded my table with friends, their love and their laughter enrich, together we sing your praise."

para sa akon friends that are worth keeping and friends who bless my life with the way they live their life.

kag true, indi kinahanglan nga ara sila pirmi sa akon tupad when i need them. korek gid si melit: sans the distance.