look what i got!!!

It's two days before my birthday! And labidodskisness sent me something I super looooveee!!! Creating Keepsakes book! Thank You Baby, you are so thoughtful... thank you for knowing what to give me even if I refused to show you my wish list (due to LQ nyahaha) ... thank you for making me feel so loved by supporting me with my hobby! I love you too! mwah mwah mwah! And thank You Lord for giving me a very sweet, thoughtful, loving, medyo bastos (lol) husband! peace Baby!!!

Ti ano ya geps mo sakon, ha? hihii =)


Benjo said...

You are welcome, Baby. :) Since I wont be with you "in the flesh" (LOL) on your birthday, I make it a point that at least I can show you how much you are loved by me through this gift. :) Have fun and thank God for you too. :) I love you... muwah! :)

Casdok said...

Happy birthday!!

Proud Nanay of Two said...

ay abaw ka sweet gid tuod kay benjo ah!

Happy Birthday sexy Mamabebs!! Hope you're enjoying your day :)