Mission Statement

Today's reflection reading from Didache asks: "What on earth am I here for?"

Let me think ...

Wife. To love my husband. To nurture the love triangle we have with God. To be faithful. To forgive. To listen. Be loved.

Mom. To love my sons. To take care of my sons. Make sacrifices for them. Pray for them all the time. Cry. Laugh. Be loved.

Daughter. To love my parents. Understand them. Spoil them. Think about them. Miss them. Get pissed. Feel guilty. Be loved by them.

Sister. To love my sisters and brother. Hate them. Love them again. Think of them. Pray for them. Miss them. Being missed. And loved.

Friend. To love. Laugh. Cry. Hate. Love. Feel good. Be pretty. Be loud. Be loved

These are the (top 5) roles God gave me. I thank Him for making me realize this very moment, how beautiful life is. How meaningful and wonderful my roles are. How clear is the fact that I am here in this world to love Him through these roles.... and spend the rest of my life being loved by Him!

My mission: LOVE.

Not easy.

But God will help me.

Amen! =)


Benjo said...

The way I see you, Baby... you have done great on these roles God gave you. :) I love you very much! I just could not imagine that after realizing these roles lately, how better will you be when today you are already doing great! :)

bebang said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay... ang saya saya ng feeling. Thank Yu Lord! Thank u sa ako bana na labing au hehehe... nyt Baby! muah!

meowiefotografie said...

hrhrh DAAAAFATT lang!! we love ya too!!! toink!