In between breastfeeding, chatting, changing diapers, playing with the piglets, I made a page of me with my beautiful sisters and my friend Tin!

"Sisters .. are different flowers from the same garden." Taken 5 years ago during my pre-nuptial photoshoot. How I miss my sisters ... and how I miss that slender me hehe :)


Benjo said...

Wow very beautiful fine details!:) and so very girly fit for the beautiful sisters! :)

Miss you all and miss our pre-nups experience. :) Priceless... unsa man Baby, pakasal ta balik? hehehe

meowiefotografie said...

wowwww mama bebang! I may have missed your wonderful celebration of love and happiness but I do know na ya'll looked great (as always!) yes indeed Agree guid ko ya when you said sisters are different flowers from the same hu hu...i miss all of you and all of my families too! nice one mama!