thank you Lord! I'm 34!

so many things to thank for ... but while i'm busy, i'd like to share with you one of the best gifts i got. my sister's endearing thoughts she posted in her blog. i really cried reading it. super talent ya gid na ya magpahibi. tsaka. haaay.

It's my sister Genevieve's (also popularly known sa Bebang to friends and family) birthday today. This blog is all about the things I am grateful for being her sister, as my way of honoring her.

She sacrificed two years in college just for me. Back then the three of us were in college, not to mention the two others in high school. Food on the table was more important than tuition fee. Our parents said only one can continue college. Bebang said if she stopped, she can look for jobs. I had to keep going because I had the chance to be the school paper editor and if I stopped, I was too shy to look for jobs. She had the chance to be cum laude. But she let it go, just for me. *sniff sniff!*

She joined beauty pageants to earn money for us. She would usually take home food from parties she attended to. One time she woke me up excited to show me my pasalubong, a pair of pearl earings. I didn't even smile because I was annoyed that she had to wake me up for it.

Once it was my birthday. She was broke so her birthday gift to me was she was my 'slave' for the whole day. She cooked, cleaned, washed my clothes.

When Reinee courted me at home for the first time, I went home to find her busy cleaning up. She was too excited for her younger sister's suitor that she even prepared a little snack for us. Sandiya. Nyahaha.

It was her who encouraged me to join activities in school, saying they would be good for me. I complied, on condition that we join together. Even in community activities we were both active, she, having found and lead a youth organization which became known in our place. Those activities have helped me, indeed, to get out of my shell and share myself to others.

I was too unresourceful, so lacking of confidence and guts, too dependent on her financially and who knows what else. But I never heard her complain even once, never did I feel that I was a burden to her, especially when we were in college and living independently from our parents. Instead, she was my number one fan, cheering me on every step of the way...up to this day.

That's inday. The 'most' in many ways.

Most kulit, most thoughtful, most drama queen, most resourceful, most isug, most tralala, most palakaon, most traidora....

Most faithful to God. The one thing that has blessed me in ways I cannot count.

Happy birthday!! mwah mwah mwah!! i lab u to me der to u por eber today
ebreting olways. (iya na style)


Benjo said...

So proud of you Baby! :)

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sunod sunoran hu. una ko na ya sa reposting pro. he he he he

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t!!!! ibi nalang ko kay!!!! amo na kis a lang ko gabasa bog nyo kay... hhuhuhuuhu