good things 081208 =)

  • Rujim's fever subsided! Thank You Lord
  • no more constipation since he started taking supplement.
  • new "horsey ride" game with Uji.. we both love it!
  • consistency in potty training! CLAP, clap, clap!!!!! He dragged me to the bathroom and he peed. Thank You Lord! My little wonder boy! And he is not even 3 yet =)
  • very funny belly dance session! ...while I was concentrating on my basic moves he handed me the bubble bottle and said "boo .. bubble!" (blow bubbles!) so imagine me doing belly dance foot work while blowing bubbles with Rujim smiling at me lol!
  • Miguel didn't catch the colds... thank you Lord. To all mom friends of mind who will soon have a baby... BREASTFEED! the best for babies up to two years hehe =)
  • Miguel knowing how to get attention by making "huh! huh!" sound. Cutest!
  • Mamang's one million text messages about their Tagaytay trip. Happy when they are =)
  • Some challenges of course... Mae's still in Bacolod. Makes these past two days veeery busy and quite tiring. But I'm thankful for I'm able to take care my two boys. FULL TIME. Well, with a little help from Mommy Minda :)

That's about it for today... hope to do this "good list" daily. To remind me of God's love that comes in big and small ways!

Hugs to you all-who-read-my-blog-but-I-don't-know-who-coz-you-don't-leave-comment-tse friends of mine! Hehehe.. Nyt2!


Benjo said...

Yeheeyy! I am so happy for all these wonderful things! Praise God! :)

I also would like to do the "horsey ride" with you Baby. heheheh. pag-abot ninyo dire ha? hehehe. Cant wait for us to be united once again for good! :)

I am so proud of you all! Muwah!

meowiefotografie said...

ay abawww toto benjo..toink!

OIST, ga leave lang ko comment pro after ko basa! LOL!!! hrhrhr..amo gid na ya mayo pa kamo gani kasarang kamo mag bayad nanny..deri ya mas dako pa ang sweldo sang yaya sang akon! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah* LOL.

bebang said...

hoist! bawal mag binastos diri oi! ano ba yan ahihihi =)

huo ikaw ya wala ka da sa gina pabati batian ko hihi ... hoi maga breastfeed gid ikaw ha? btw, ano tugon mo mag kitanay kamo papa benjo a.k.a. horsey2 wahhaha

jing said...

hahahha iskandalo ako...JOKE! wen na go nyo? nice to read good stuffs from you... buti'm still hooked with JangGeum so.... sorry i'l rather watch the mini movie than update my blog...totaldaw wala pa man gid nam inugsulat.bwahahhahaha

bebang said...

hoist mega jing! update ka man ay maluoy ka hehehe sept 13 mi lakat...wen abot bobetchingching mo hehe

Proud Nanay of Two said...

hahahha..baw benjo ho! PG-13 ini ang blog ni mamabebs LOL!!!

ga leave man ko comments once in a while understand ka man guro sa akon hectic life nowadays hehehe..

bebang said...

huo mamapaps ah i understand gid =) im still very greatful nga despite sina ga silip2 ka gid di hehe =)