"we are the cool cousins"

journaling: Dear Cousin Abe, We came out of this world almost at the same time. We both are equally cute and charming. You love sharks, I love cars. You are Vhong Navarro, I am Sam Milby. Wherever life will lead us, I know we will always be there for each other. Love, Uji


Benjo said...

Wow! Before, a very beautiful, well-decorated scrapbook like that would take you a couple of days or even weeks! But now, you can make great scrapbooks with s snap! :)

So proud of you, Baby!

My name is Anne said...

hibi ko bebe.

btw,ka gwapa da sa akon.hehe wala ko na ya gle copy sg mga pics da nmon sang 1st time pa cebu kmi. pwede mo ma pang gather for me?hehehe kay para i CD ko.

meowiefotografie said...

waaahh pag nakita ko na mga anak ninyo dalagko na sila! sigh* same thing with my nephews and nieces..its such a marvel to see them like that! Lovely scrap page mama!