Yay! Kuya! =)

Little Kuya is 2 years and 6 months old already! Everyday, we celebrate his mini-but-very-significant milestones... There's a cheering squad somewhere in Eastland. And I'm the cheerleader! As of today, he...
  • is 90% potty trained
  • puts away his toys after playing ...
  • approaches me, or anyone nearby and asks help with a toy saying " open" and lately we tell him to add "please" so he says "opehtoh" (open please) lol ... his effort makes it even more cute!
  • helps Mommy by "getting" or "giving" something while Mommy takes care of little bro.
  • puts his milk bottle on the table after feeding =)
  • throws candy or biscuits wrapper on the garbage. even diaper hehe
  • one time, he handed me my cell phone while it was ringing =)
  • counts from 1 to 10 (not so clearly but that's it!)
  • reads the alphabet at this site (and Daddy loves its when he looks at our mouth and mimic the way we enunciate the sound!lol!)
  • identifies parts of the face and body
  • strings beads
  • uses spoon and fork when eating (food with sabaw)
  • masters the shape sorting skill and does it fast!
  • follows simple orders (take off socks, shorts, give me __, bless, lets get out, go down, up, use pick it up, etc)
  • plays appropriately at the playroom like slides, rides bikes, dunks a ball
  • identifies pictures in books... many of them! and labels them when asked.
  • he has words! (only had about 10 when he turned 2! can you believe it?)
  • reads words! yes! he can read: giraffe, mouth, eyes, nose, ear, chimpanzee,elephant, kick, and a lot more! (thanks Ninang Cathy and Ninong Noi for your "baby can read" CD gift!)
  • in his playgroup, he answers his teachers when asked to identify some drawings like "umbrella" "tree" :)
  • identifies shapes
  • finishes every last word of almost all nursery rhymes and songs we taught him
  • can perform simple action songs using his hands (eentsy weentsy spider, thank you Lord, i love you.. etc)
  • makes the sign of the cross in a very cute way!!!! :)
  • sings... and dances too!
  • pays attention when i read him a book and points to familiar things..
  • listens and seems to understand when we pray before bedtime (ga kipat2 and mata)
  • knows and identify members of our immediate and extended family.
  • so much more aware of things and happenings around him... tries to go out when there's a plane, looks out the window when there's an unusual noise, or when there's a visitor :)
  • loves videoke
  • loves barney, dora, Bob the builder, Thomas the train... and many more!
  • says to me "kuker" (take care!)
  • kisses me and hugs me 99% the time. feel so looooveeed!
  • kisses Baby Miggy 50% of the time. (wants to kiss Dad too but he's not around most of the time.... sige lang, soon we'll be together... maybe in a month's time) .

These things are HUGE! See, the handsome Kuya has speech and communication disorder. He does not communicate the way a boy his age should, thus we put him into therapy. This gave us "cloudy" days a few months back, but thank God, we see a rainbow now! We know that loving and mighty God is taking charge! Thank you Baby Kuya for giving us joy every single day. You are our hero. Our teacher. You bring us so close to Papa God. We love you 'nak! =)


Benjo said...

We are so proud of you, my Son. Your mom, brother Migs and I love you very much! :) More wonderful things to come! :) To God be the glory!

burache said...

cute cute nd gd uji no? hihihiihhi, nami nami ang ga kiss sya kay migs... haaaaaayyyyyyy, san o naman kami na ayhan makitaay? huhhuhuhhuhu

cathyne said...

this post is so wonderful and full of love...God bless you bang, daw matulo luha ko..tuod. i love this post.

meowiefotografie said...

YEYY guid!!! amo gid na basta shado ka perservere sang iloy! Te kungdi si Kuya Rujim tanto ka smart! yey pa guid! Keep up the good work mama bebang!

Proud Nanay of Two said...

ahay ka cute!! that's great! good job to you and your son :)

I cannot wait man for my son to go through this stage :)

I think Mamabebs mga boys ya daw delayed man gid sa speech development compared sa girls. Ini based sa akon experiences ha sa akon mga hinablos..I have to see with my son if the same thing will happen.