new life starts now!

hi all!

we are here. particularly here. everything still sinking in. so many things to share!!! my head is spinning. my emotions get all mixed up. i miss a lot of people. family and a few true friends. but more that the "missing" thing, i'm so happy to be finally here with hubby. we are together!

i have my hands full now. but i promise to update as often as i can even through photos lang.

for now, i have to rest. and join my boys in bed.

thank you God. please give my love to all my loved ones.


mira said...

hello Bebs!here's wishing you and your 3 boys (including hubby)with good things in settling in friends and new places to experience and discover.I am so happy for you!Best regards!

bebang said...

thank you kaayo Mir! Feels great being here. Praising God all the time for bringing us to this beautiful place. I pray i will serve my purpose here :)

meowiefotografie said...

gwapaaaaa!!!! i hope you liked your birthday present! miski super delayed at least naka abot sa imo..hihi pasensha ka gamay lang ina kay hindi ako maayo ka bitbit sang te ENJOY guid dra sa Singapore!! yeyy!!!! as in!!! HAPI HAPIII togeder!!!! woot! woot!

cathyne said...

ohmygas, finally ara na gid man kamu da...yeheeyyyyy...kanami ah...enjoy enjoy bang...halong mwah