surviving w/o mae

ako nag prepare bfast :) im getting used to not having yaya ...


meowiefotografie said...

kaya yan! ikaw pa no! God sends you over his angels to be there for you and hold you whenever you feel heavy and will keep you pre occupied when there are times you felt homesick and that's a good thing! Remember once the kids grow up they will never return to be a baby again...kaya take this chance to be with them as much as you ya!

Proud Nanay of Two said...

Mama bebs!

Kaya mo na! It's gonna be hard in the beginning pero once masanay ka na daw sa wala lang na.

Time management, multi-tasking ah hehe.

I used to plan our meals that time I was working, going to school and the kids stay with the hubby when I'm out. The hubby works nights so shifting kami taking care of the kids.

I remember cooking 3 different meals so I don't have to cook every night. Refrigerate kag microwave lang eh hehe. Tapos you don't have to clean the house every day hehe. Maybe once a week and laundry ya ti while you do other things you can run the laundry :)

Don't forget to save some time for yourself to unwind. Go out for a walk or read or scrapbooking basta no chores to do or to think about. Maybe on your hubby's day off :)

My name is Anne said...

grabe noh, sa amo na nga lagay, bagsik pa gyapon ang food presentation. ano ano mlang restaurant man. gusto ko man na bala tani himuon. ma arrange arrange man food. galing kay pirmi lang ko galagas time.ti pro kwa mo man gani noh? ferte.