`Hey look, it can be done, it oughta be done,'

Yahoo news says here, Angelina Jolie breastfeeds her twins. I'm glad she does. That will make breastfeeding more cool than it already is. Breastfeeding is one of the hardest thing a woman can do most especially during the first two weeks! (My nipples bleed. I cried. I thought it was never possible! Thanks to Rujim's pedia who doesn't take no for an answer. I even detested her for really insisting I continue to breastfeed even if there wasn't milk) But it can also be one of the most rewarding experience a mom can have. The endless eye-t0-eye moments with your child, the peace of mind of not having to go to the doctor often :) my two sons seldom get sick :) thank You Lord!

The secret is NEVER give up! I am really happy I didn't. I'm proud to survive the worst days of there's-never-any-milk-and-my-baby-keeps-crying-so-i-have-to-give-him-formula days. Thank God for the blessing of breastfeeding!

To know more about why breastfeeding is good not only for our babies but also for us moms, click here.


felinelostindwilderness said...

ga gwapa ka na gid ya Mama Bebang! aherm..ga BLOOMING!!! woooHooo!

mira said...

bebs...well done!i'm a breastfeeding advocate,and i'm still breastfeeding niall up until now...but not as often as when he was a baby...he's already two n a half years old and yet he's still breastfeeding.Thumbs up!Yummy mommy!:)

bebang said...

@ meming: thanks u meming mas gwapa ka kay ur carrying w u a miracle. ur the most beautiful woman on earth.. kag hoist maga breastfeed ikaw inday ha. that's the best gift ever u can give to your baby :)

@ mira: tuod ka mir? breastfeeding advocate ka man! bravo! damo kita hehhehe and im so proud of you kay asta now sige pa si niall. si uji gani hasta lang 1 year and 9 mos.. s miggy akon na palab uton parehas niall hehehe :)

dabest gid mag breastfeed.. wala hassle sa gab i :)