imagine this...

at around 2pm today. that's about a minute ago. my 2 boys cried at the same time. kuya was sleepy and in pain due to teething, kept on saying 'yayay'. migs due to hunger, ang i think he was sleepy too. both were in real big tears! worst, mommy dear is kaihiun!

what's a mother to do?

be calm.
carry kuya with the left arm.
carry ang breastfeed migs in the right.
on a rocking chair.
sing Mama Mary lullabyes.

so the boys sleep.
next. how to put the boys down?

continue to pray and thank God. the boys slept in an almost impossible situation.
take a deep breath.
gather strength ang lift the boys simultaneously with care k basi makamata.
lie down together on a couch.
slowly get up leaving kuya there while still carrying migs.
place migs in the crib.
take a deep breath again.
thank God for the miracle.

tell hubby and blog about it while its all sinking in.

lastly, grab an omega pain killer :)



Benjo said...

Wow! Supermom gyud ka Baby... I am taking my FDW employers training and examination to comply with the requirements so we can have yaya soon to help you... Hang on there! I love you much more for that. Muwah!

My name is Anne said...

may times nga ga amo na si abe, tapos midst man sang imo lain matyag, kay for example bi ara imo tiyan. tapos kmi lang duha sa balay. may urge nga hiritan mo na lang bakol. so i take a deep breath, and think of the day he came out into the world. it always helps.

pero lain pa gid na ya nga istorya kon duha na no? tapos mag dungan. bilib ko sa imo ah! kay mamang pa gid ayhan sang una no? damo sa aton kag sunod-sunod.

mira said...

here's from a mom whose been there and still do the best of how to do it-difficult but you've got to do it...and at the end of the day be proud of yourself that you were able to un-muddle a sticky little situation.And i think you've done such a good job more than anyone could ever are so well equipped with wit and humour plus cleverness n Faith in the Lord.Hats off to you girl!

bebang said...

hay naku mabuhay tayo hehehe...