kuya's pogi points :) :) :)

kuya's making us all super duper happy with his little achievements that are HUGE in our hearts!
  • he's potty trained! no diapers during daytime, even when we go out for pasyal!
  • the other day, he grabbed me going to the bathroom for "number 2"! success! hehehe
  • he is shy towards baby brother but he steals a kiss often! He loves to kiss his feet and forehead :) super cute gid ya daw malipong ko sa kalipay to see him do that! and he played with him yesterday in Causeway!
  • just awhile ago, while watching Baby Einstein, he saw bubbles, super smiled and shouted "BUBBLES!" nga super clear :)
  • He is comfortable playing parallel with new friends Matthew and Paul.
  • He loves videoke. Especially Mommy's version of Aliyah's "At Your Best You Are Loved" hehe
  • he says "DADDY! DADDY!" if he wants something from dad like milk or he needs help with toys. He can't yet say mommy clearly but it's fine with me. action speaks louder hehehehe :) He says "babi" for mom. one of-a-kind ha hehe.
  • He managed to adjust in just a short span of time to the "new life" we have. He is now a very happy and comfortable resident of Woodlands!
  • He loves us and shows it in so many ways. And I know he knows we love him very much. We thank God for his little victories!
Right now we are busy looking for the school God has prepared for him. We thank our Dev Pedia doctors and Teachers Kat, Sheng, Wena, for being a part of Uji's journey :)

"Your plan is perfect.Bewildering. Puzzling. Troubling. But perfect."


My name is Anne said...

daw madalagan ko singapore.

felinelostindwilderness said...

ahihih,,,,kagton ko na karon iya ilong!

bebang said...

@ anabelya: dali na di hehehe

@ meming: korek ka ulumol na sa iya all the time!!! grrrrrrr