for a change ...


Sometimes I'm wondering, some of you might already be tired of seeing our 'faces' in this blog. Well this is my blog. You can do nothing about it. Ahahaha! Peace!

Really. I'm serious. So in this post you won't see of our faces ... promise.

Here goes my post ... A QUIZ! (Whoever gets the top score will get Christmas Scrapbooking Kit. I'll post the prizes when I announce the top scorer! Benjo isn't allowed to join the contest. lol)

Test I - MATCHING TYPE. Who used the following bowls:


____a.) Benjo
____b.) Bebang
____c.) Uji
____d.) Migs
____e.)nobody. display lang.
bowl # 1

bowl # 2

bowl # 3
bowl # 4

Test II - Who took this 'bokeh' shot:

a.) Benjo
b.) Bebang

Test III - What do you want as a gift for Christmas ... JOKE!!! asta lang TEST II ... lol :)


Iamquietheart said...

haha. so funny. ikaw to nag shot. guess ko lang na. basi mag daog ko ya. hehe

that yoshinoya thing is a chopstick pack from a restaurant, am i right?

bebang said...

vian!!! wala ka nag answer sa test I!!! hahaha

My name is Anne said...

a)bowl # 3
b)bowl # 1
c)bowl # 2
e)bowl # 4

Test II

c benjo ah ah ah

mira said...

HAHAHAHA!Indi lang mag sabat sa test mo Bebs..kabudlay sabton.Pro i am awed by your wit and cleverness!Bow ako sa 'yo sis!

Iamquietheart said...

my gosh, hoo no. sa sobra ko ka dali dali wala ko bala nakuha ang instructions. haha. funny gid a.

My name is Anne said...

ti ano na ni?sino na daug?hehehehe