Life goes on...

So glad to be back. And what made me think a friend I was talking about is back on her feet? WE PLAYED IN YOVILLE! :) She visited my house (In Yoville!) and we did some chit chat while I was feeding Migs and Uji hehehe.

Thank You Lord for the strength you gave Meow and Carey. For the grace to OBEY even if its painful. For the privilige to carry the CROSS. For the PEACE and SERENITY that follow after trusting and just letting go. For the JOY of looking forward to that 'something GREATER' You have prepared in exchange for taking the 'great' that we have.

And for me, I thank you for Yoville! It's really addicting. Time wasting? I also thought so but its worth it. I get to party, work, play, or just have coffee with my siblings and friends(daw tuod2 gid mo!), date with my bf (guess who haha), get to wear two piece!!! shetes! (harakhak), shop til I drop in the furniture store, fashion store, appliance depot, decorate my house, stalk other people's houses without them knowing it hehehe. Lastly and most importantly, I get to train myself on 'saving' for what I dream of. Wait for the launching of my scrapbooking shop (In yoville! hahaha) ... and maybe someday soon, in real life. Who knows? God knows! :)

my yoville character :) daw ako gid no? ahihi

my kitchen

my room.
look at the playroom am starting to build :)

living room .... check the laftaf lol!



Benjo said...

I honor you, Baby for being great and awesome date both for real and for reel (in Yoville, that is.) hehehe.

mira said...

wow...sweet gd sa inyo ng duha ah...basi subayan ta dri karon.hehehehe.Seriously aside...bebang is a blessing to me and caroline,madamu gd nga salamat!Daghan salamat!