Thankful Tuesday!

My first Thankful Tuesday post!

At this moment, I am thankful for:

  • Blogging. I just cannot imagine life without it. It gives me my much needed me-time in between the things I juggle at home, esp now that I have no house help. Stress just fly away every time I start to blog .... (and sometimes brag? hehehe pasugti nalang ah). Thank You Lord for the freedoom of blogging :)
  • Knowing my parents are enjoying their prime time learning ballroom dance. Waltz. I want that too. When my time comes. Thank You Lord for my parents happy days.
  • My sister became one of the lead singer! for CFC-Bacolod worship. Huge guys. Kurog gani plete sa jeep patunga pa sa stage for worship! Unimaginable!!! Thank You Lord for making it possible :)
  • Hubby got eye allergy. Huh? why thank for an allergy? Coz He is at home with us now nyahaha :) ok lang ang allergy ah not big enough to worry about.
  • Kuya is 100% potty trained and it makes me just so proud of him. Thank You Lord for Kuya's little but sure steps.
  • Thank You Lord for the air, the water, the roof on our heads.
  • The challenges. That bring us close to You.
  • Our family and friends.
  • Love.
  • And I am all the time grateful for these three lovable guys...

We can actually post a million things we are thankful for every day. God who is a very loving and generous God gives us everything ... more than we could ever deserve. But I think Tuesday is good enough just for blogging :) So can still have the Wordless Wed. Thrifty Thurs. Freaky Friday? hahaha :) More Thankfulness next week!


Dit-dit 'd' Great said... usual cutie pie sang mga peyktyurs...Galing ngaa wala ka nagpa THANK YOU NGA NAGA BLOG NA KO HAW???? eh eh eh

Benjo said...

Despite of all the crises that we are facing everyday, there are still countless of blessings that we are thanking God for. =)

I thank God for this family. =)

mira said...

hi benjo...i agree with u 100% especially having a wife like bebang!You are one lucky Guy!You are both blessed!Hugs n kisses to your beautiful boys....:)